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Thursday, July 18, 2013

A Moment in God's Presence

This is the result of a quiet moment with my four-year-old daughter this morning.  She was in the bathroom with me while I was taking a shower.  Sometimes, especially lately, I get this feeling of anxiety that just sets in for no apparent reason.  Kind of just an uneasiness tingling just below the surface.  And I'm recognizing the beauty of these moments, because they cause my heart to long for something more.  They cause me to not be happy with anything less than God's presence in every moment - they remind me He is near.

As the warm water from the shower hit me I exhaled a deep breath and said, "Praise the Lord!" To which my daughter responded, "Why praise the Lord?"  And I said, "because He's here, because He's close."  And she went happily along playing.  And I went happily along in my shower, drinking in this soothing moment of calm, relaxation, and being with my little girl.  The gift that is every day life.  The gift that is unexplained anxiety.  The gift that is each moment.


Lord, You are never far away
The deepest stirrings of my heart
Point to You
So real, so true
Provoking my desire

Anxiety that takes my breath
And makes my heart to race
Longing for your embrace
It's Your face
Which brings me rest

The simple joys surrounding me
Exciting all my senses
Laughter, lullabies
The love in childrens' eyes
Moments so pure and true

In my heart of hearts there burns
A longing just for You
In joy, in pain
Many times over again
Resting only in You

These moments, pure gift
Always provoking my heart
Each step I take
Means to awake
A fire that burns for You

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