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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

My First Guest Post!

I'm always so surprised that anyone besides friends and family read my blog, and so very humbled.  The first time I realized anyone outside my city even perused my site, was when Kelly over at In the Sheepfold nominated me for a Liebster Award last summer.  I did a double take when I read the list of names at the end of her post and saw "Natasha".  I thought, "oh cool, she must know another Natasha," but when I hovered over the link I saw the address for blog!  I was on cloud nine, seriously, someone in Georgia reads my blog!  So cool how the Internet works.

I'm part of a Catholic Moms group on Facebook, where another blogger posted that she was looking for people to write guest posts about Natural Family Planning.  My friend encouraged me to check it out, so I emailed her.  I had no idea she followed my blog as well.  She graciously accepted my submission, and posted it on her blog today.  

So excited to see my name on someone else's blog!

Rochelle is a wife and mother to five beautiful children.  Her blog is full of beautiful and inspirational posts about Catholic family life in a large family. Head on over to Years of Milk and Honey to check her out.

Thanks for opportunity Rochelle, so excited!

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