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Tuesday, July 29, 2014

I Need Summer

Every year just before summer begins, I have grand ambitions about the school work we're going to do over the summer.  Nothing extraordinary of course, just "bridge" work, or little daily things to "keep them fresh".  This year the goal was to finish off a few books my kids had not finished in the school year, because way back as a new homeschooling parent I made the mistake of being over-zealous to start a new book in April or May if a child had finished a subject, which means that each of my kids find themselves partway through at least one subject (to be clear, they are partway ahead, but still the idea of not finishing neatly at the end of the school year stresses me out!) And of course, as has happened since the beginning of my homeschool, those plans take a hike somewhere around the second week of summer when I realize one simple thing - we all need a break!

It's already August, and we have packed a year's worth of living into the first month of summer.  We hadn't really made any vacation plans, and yet our time seems to be filled up with a multitude of events, people to see, road trips to take. I feel like God just keeps putting things on my doorstep, and the theme of summer for me has been to just go with it.  We've had things we thought we might do that just seem to fall through, and that's okay.  And we have other things that we never dreamed of doing, that just sort of come up at the last minute.  We've seen family, we've seen friends, we've truly lived every moment of summer.  And we've done very little school.

As I put together my curriculum lists for the Fall and realize I haven't met my goals for the summer, it's hard for the planner in me not to feel a little discouraged.  But I have to remind myself that my kids are ahead of the game academically, and my desire to wrap things up neatly is not a necessity.  I suppose that's the Martha in me. And I also suppose that God gives me this life to help me get in touch with Mary too - the one who can set aside her duties for a later time to embrace God in her midst.  To sit with Him, and welcome Him.  Not to clean or tidy or work around Him, but to live with Him.  The duties of tomorrow can wait for tomorrow.  Today, we are enjoying a much-needed break.  Much needed time with family and friends, who reveal to us Christ in our midst.  Praise the Lord for this full and beautiful life, the one that is so full of God's presence that we have no choice to but to set aside the tasks of tomorrow in order to live for today with Christ.

One of several road trips we've been able to take with our older boys this summer.
End of year field trip with some homeschooling friends
A very dear friend's wedding!
All of my husband's siblings together in the same city!
East2West Christian Music Festival


  1. What a great post! I guess I feel I can relate in the sense that I am often living like Martha without ever pausing to think like Mary. I too, have had to go with the flow, more or less, and be accepting (or try to be) of what the Lord places before me. It has been a beautiful summer so far.

    I guess the teacher in me wants to throw out there that every moment can be a "teachable moment". You know this already but I am certain that the kids have learned (learnt?? LOL) so much this summer from the many things that have taken place. Remember, just because they aren't learning from the curriculum doesn't mean they aren't learning valuable lessons in life and in love.