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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

My Prayer Following the American Election

It is the morning after the election, and Donald Trump is President.  I never thought I would see this day, and I had great fears about it.  But now that it has come to be, for me I think there is only one way - and that's forward.

I am absolutely for people's right to discern and vote, and I know quite well how two people of sound mind and conscience can discern two different ways of approaching an election.  Throughout this election it was one of the toughest things for me to be a conservative voice against Trump, because I worried constantly about what my friends and peers were thinking.  Now that he's President, I hope I was wrong.  Not only do I hope that, I'm praying for it.

I am human, and I made a human assessment of the situation.  I still hold the same fears as I did yesterday, I don't think they go away overnight.  But I will say that I watched his acceptance speech, and he seemed much more humble than during the campaign. I pray this will translate to how he leads the country.

I pray that under Trump, the number of abortions will go down.  That his nomination of pro-life justices will be accepted, and that those justices will work to make third-trimester abortions illegal throughout the country.  I pray that under his leadership first and second trimester abortions will go down, and that women in crisis situations would be supported and cared for, so that they don't feel abortion is their only choice.  I pray that the culture of hatred and repression of women that has been his history will remain in the past, and that going forward he will promote respect for all women, so that men will not see them as objects to be controlled and conquered.

I pray that, as many have asserted, the people around him will be able to reign him in. I pray no wall will be built.  I pray respect for all people will be considered.  I pray he will recognize that the pursuit of order and respect of human dignity are not mutually exclusive.  I pray that he will not completely give up on entire races of people in need for the sake of protecting his own.  I pray that under him, laws would be tightened, Americans will be protected, AND that refugees and immigrants will be welcomed safely and lawfully (because you can do both at the same time).

This is not the result I expected, but that's okay.  I believe I did the best I could with the information I had, and I believe many in the US did the same.  I don't think anyone voted for fear, for racism, for war, for judgement - okay, maybe some did.  But the vast majority voted for the person they thought would do best for America.  Now that it's Trump, I am praying I was wrong.  Though I did not support him during the election, I will support his good decisions, and continue to be vocal where I feel there are injustices.  It is the same in Canada - some of my more conservative friends wonder how I can have anything good to say about Trudeau. And for me, it's simple: he's our leader.  That doesn't mean that I have to love everything he does, but it also doesn't mean I need to treat him like the devil and turn a blind eye to any good he does.  I feel the same about Trump.

On this morning after the election, I am praying for America.  I am praying for Trump's presidency.  I know that God sees all of this, and that He is able to bless it.  I pray the pro-life gains I was so skeptical he could bring about will actually come to pass.  And I pray that the people around him will influence him to make prudent decisions in relation to the people and countries around him.  I pray, and I trust.

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