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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Snapshot - January 27, 2013

Here's what our days looked like this week (starting from the top left corner, and working my way around clockwise back to the center):

I have a confession - I have a ton of photos of my kids around the table.  This particular one was taken at recess one day this week.  It's the only time of day when all the kids are a) in the same place, b) sitting still, and c) all happy at the same time.  Something about seeing them all so still and peaceful makes me love my life, no matter what challenges the day brings.  I am also so very grateful looking at my bigger kids in this picture, for the reality that they are part of our every day life as a family (not just the little ones).  Homeschooling is such a blessing.

Last week was a busy one for me, and my little baby spent much of it like this.  This particular photo was taken on a evening when I went out for Women's Adoration, which we do monthly and is such a blessing.  I wasn't sure how soon after Mary's birth I would be able to attend (because most of my other kids were not easy to travel with in the evenings when they were very young) but I haven't had to miss one.  She is so easygoing and just rolls with whatever changes come our way.  She is such a little doll.

Katie got this apron from a dear friend of mine for Christmas, and has been dying to help me bake something.  We had chili for supper tonight, and my husband requested tea biscuits so I enlisted her help.  She was overjoyed.

Baking is almost always crazy at my house, and truth be told I usually hope the kids don't notice me doing it so I can get it done by myself (otherwise I have five kids crowding the counter, fighting to be the next to "dump it in".)  The older kids were out today though, so I just had these guys and it was a lot of fun.  We made the best biscuits I've made in a long time (not sure what I've been doing wrong, but my last few batches were write-offs!)  Today's however, were delicious.  It's all in the help, I guess.

The big boys got lego for Christmas.  We were a little frightened at first, as previous attempts at small toys have ended in disaster (read: watching your money get sucked up by the vacuum).  This time it came with a locking suitcase so they can lock their creations away from their younger siblings.  They are loving it, and will spend hours at a time in their room building and re-building things. It's been great for them to have something to pass the time, especially on the coldest days when it's not much fun to be outside for great lengths of time.  And I am happy to have a way to give them some toys that aren't "toddler-friendly", to allow for some age-appropriate fun for them.  (Mega blocks just weren't cutting it anymore!)

This week has been frigid cold - too cold for the birds to go outside.  So they've been chillin' in the coop instead.  Doesn't seem to bother them too much, but I'll be happy to see them back outside.

You can't really tell from this picture (or maybe you can), but our dog is jumping for joy.  Why?  Because I asked her if she wanted her breakfast.  She's getting old, eight to be exact, and is slowing down quite a bit from her younger days.  It's one of the things I like the best about her (I don't have time to keep up with a rambunctious dog).  Still, every now and then, I like to see that there's still a bit of puppy left in her.  Sometimes I'll chase her in the yard for a bit, or bring her to the coop with me to get the eggs.  She is the world's best dog, has been from day one.  A great companion to our family.

And finally, this little guy stole my camera today and snapped some pictures that made me laugh.  This was my favorite, I call it, "wonder what this button does?"  What a guy!

That's all for this week.  Cheers, from my family to yours!

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