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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Throwback Thursday - Perspective

My oldest son (almost ten) reminded me that it's Throwback Thursday, and that I should put up an old blog post.  How fun is that?  Though he doesn't actually read my blog (except when I'm typing and he's reading over my shoulder, and that's only until I shoo him away because I really can only take so much of that!) the truth is I think he's really interested in it, which is a good thing.  I don't kid myself, it's not because I wrote something, but because I wrote something on the Internet!  He loves technology, and I kind of like it, because I do to.  I hope he can use it in many good and holy ways, to glorify God with his life and share his gifts with many people.

And so, thanks to my dear son who wouldn't let me forget, here is this week's trip down memory lane.

First published January 11, 2008

This week was a long week, because I had been battling a stomach bug for most of it. When I was growing up, Mom did a real good job taking care of my every whim when I wasn't feeling well, and now as a mom myself, I miss that kind of care. As much as I wish it would, the world just doesn't stop when I'm sick. And as much as I wish the boys would just stay in their room and play while I lie on the couch, it doesn't happen. I spent most of my time lamenting that I had no time to rest and recuperate, which has been my only desire all week.

Today, Jeff took the two older boys to the sitter's first thing. And while the novelty of a quiet house was exciting for the first half hour, after that I began to feel guilty. I kept telling myself "you need this, just relax". When I put the baby down for his morning nap at 9:00, I took a nap myself, which has been the best medicine. I awoke feeling completely rejuvenated. I showered, made lunch, and then got the baby up from his nap. I spent the next couple of hours looking after the baby and feeling very mom-like, until it was time for his afternoon nap at 2:00. When he was down, once again I found myself saddened by my quiet house.

I was almost relieved when Stephen woke up fifteen minutes into his nap, and I got him up and held him until he fell asleep. During this time, I realized what a gift today has been. I can't remember the last time I just sat with him, having nothing else to do. It was like all he needed to get to sleep was to be in his mother's arms, and I was happy to oblige. Once he was asleep again, I put him back down, and called the older boys at the sitter's to say hello. I really miss them, but I know that if they were home today, I probably would be doing like I have been all week - wishing they would get out of my way so I can do my work in peace. I needed a day like today not only to recuperate physically, but also mentally and spiritually. If I didn't take a day off, I wouldn't realize what a joy two screaming boys filling your house with laughter really is, and how empty it feels when they're gone. It helped me to change my focus just a little bit. Yeah, the laundry is still important. And the dishes, and the tidying up. But I know one thing - when they get home tonight, we're going to do some serious playing! Chores or no chores, my boys are having a mommy night tonight, and I can't wait!

Look how little they are!

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