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"As the family goes, so goes the nation, and so goes the whole world in which we live." John Paul II

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Snapshot - February 10, 2013

A snowy week to kick off February!  Here is what we have been up to (starting top left, and working around clockwise to the center):

Mary continues to grow each day, and become more vibrant and alert.  We marvel at how coordinated she is now, able to pick up toys and play with them all by herself.  I am loving her emerging personality as a quiet, content and happy little girl.  She makes me think of the scripture, written of one of her namesakes, "she pondered all these things in her heart".  I love her quiet concentration that reminds me so much of our blessed mother.

We had a crazy snowstorm yesterday, and the big boys couldn't wait to go play in the "snow tornado".  It was too cold and the snow too deep for the little ones to venture out, so they watched the excitement from the warmth of our living room.  The big boys spent most of the day outside, and I love that even in inclement weather they are still inclined to be outside.  Nature is truly the best playground, and God the supreme architect.

When things got quiet Saturday afternoon, I knew something was up.  I went searching for my little boy, only to discover he had put himself to bed.  He doesn't nap too much anymore, but I guess he needed one that day.  Self-sufficiency reigns supreme in our house, it seems.

Jeff started Weight Watchers again, which means healthier food for the whole family. We love having lots of fresh fruit and vegetables in the house for snacks and easy lunches.  I also made bread for the first time since before Christmas, which feels really good.  Hoping to get back on track with easy and nutritious food, and away from a lot of the convenience foods that have found their way back into our house over the winter.

Two buddies on the stairs!  These two have shared a special bond since the first day we brought Aaron home.  Joseph is such a kind and caring big brother to him, and his little brother just adores him.

A kind neighbour called this morning and offered us the use of her snowblower.  Thank goodness, because we had quite a pile of snow hit us yesterday, with raging winds that meant it was packed down hard.  We are so blessed to live in such a great neighbourhood, with many kind people as neighboors.  I am truly thankful for our little piece of the world.

The kids love dressing up in winter gear to play around the house.  I do not like it.  Winter stresses me out - specifically finding and organizing hats, gloves and boots that always seem to be either missing or wet.  However, I do have to admit that she is pretty cute.  Now if I could only figure out a way to lock this stuff up so the bigger kids could access it but the little ones couldn't...maybe in another couple of winters I'll have it all figured out.

Stephen drew a picture of his baby sister.  He tried to show it to her but, ungrateful that she is, she wouldn't even look at it.  I decided to take a photo and document it, because (sad as I am to say) it will likely find its way to the garbage in the not-too-distant future.  I used to feel terrible about throwing all their pictures away but honestly, there is no way I could ever find space for everything.  Some of these guys make ten pictures a day for me!  I photograph and document the ones that are really special though, so at least that's something.  I love that they are so giving.

A little baby love on a snowy afternoon.  Have I mentioned how much we love her?  Have I mentioned how much I love him?  Life is good.

And finally, my two oldest boys.  Best friends for life.  At each other's necks a lot of the time, but then they have moments like this that make me so grateful they have each other.  They are on their way out to their friend's house, and I can't believe how big they are, and that they get invited places and go by themselves.  Weren't they just babies not long ago?  Aren't they still babies?  Of course not.  They are beautiful, growing little boys.  And I love them so much.

Cheers for this week!  Stay warm :)


  1. Natasha,
    I clicked on your blog hoping so much that you were keeping up on it. I breathed a sigh of relief that your sensible and good words were still being placed out here in the blogosphere. So wonderful to see and hear. Blessings on Jeff and the family. - Father

    1. Thanks so much Fr. Aaron, your encouragement means a lot. Sending lots of prayers your way, would love to get together sometime. Give us a call next time you're headed our way :)